Your Childhood Games Now in 3D?????

Games in 3d2
WanT To Play Your Childhood Best Ever Game
But Bored From 2D Graphic
Super MArio is one Of the Coolest And Most probably Played By EveryOne In Childhood.Most of us played such games in Nes System That is Over Video Games ,considering to the graphic they are 2d based and not attracting nowdays. There are Many other version also have been arrived in n64, nitendo, and in gameboy which have cool graphic ,3d based and eye caching visual .But They  require different hardware to run and are bit costly.So Now What???
One For All Solution is the Emulators,Now days The Pc As Well as Smartphone have more memory,Better graphic performance and high processor .Thus they are capable of handling such system With help of Emulators.So Its Time Back to go back and replay our childhood games.
Games in 3d2


From Most Of The gaming System Most preferable is Nintendo N64. Considerig graphic the graphic they are completelty 3d based .They have small size game roms Compare to other game consol ,eaisly available over internet and support most of character based game such as mario,zelda,pokemin,spiderman etc

The Best  Emulator Require To Run N64 Based Game is Project64(For pc)

For Android With Same Functionality: Mupen 64

Games in 3d1


Most PC users out there have spent their childhood in the time when computers only started to become popular, so the only video games were the pixelated Nintendo 64 titles. Those who wish to relive those memories, can easily do it using Project64, a handy Windows application specifically created to emulate Nintendo64 ROMs stored on the hard-disk.

Although the application is not exactly new, it still works great. A very simple and fast installer process, simple interface but excellent functionality. However, it needs to be mentioned that in order to enjoy its full functionality, users first need to search the web for some downloadable ROMs that need to be loaded within Project64.

Once the appropriate ROMs have been located, users can start playing their favorite games in window mode or full-screen, depending on the type of experience they are after.

Regardless of the mode they select, they still need a controller and if they have several ones, they can even enjoy multi-player games. For each controller, a profile can be created, so that settings do not need to be adjusted every time a new game is started.

The graphic and the audio options can also be customized depending on the preferences of the users, and they can modify the video resolution and brightness, and the audio volume.

To conclude, Project64 can prove to revive some great memories for the nostalgic users, especially if they cannot afford to buy the latest game devices or platforms. It works fast, it comes with a basic yet very efficient interface and, even more importantly, it is free. Users do not need a super computer in order to run it, so whenever they want to relax, this is a good option.

List Of Popular Games Supported By This System
-Mario Kart
-Yu-Gi-Oh   And Many More

Just Download Project64  (only 4 mb)

Install On Your Pc

Select Your Games Rom

You Can Download More Rom From

And Enjoyyyyy…..

Games in 3d3
Games in 3d4
Games in 3d8
Games in 3d5
Games in 3d6

Games in 3d7

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