Wants To Re-Gain Formatted Data????

Regain formatted data6

Precious Data Deleted/Formatted ???

Hard Drive Get Deleted….
Cd/Dvd Damaged……
Recover Lost Partition……
Need Them Backkk….Don’t  WorryTry Power Data Recovery FulllllHow Data Recovery is possible??Is It Really Working…

First of all What Is Deleted File in windows System.

As We All Know ,whenever we Delete any Use-Less File From Pc it reach To Recycle Bin and After Deleting From Recycle Bin We Assume It To Completely Deleted.It Can Be Also Done By Pressing Shift Key To Delete Permanently.But Its Wrong belief it took some time to delete any file to remove completely from pc.Thus After Deleting file Permanently it still exist

Now If File Exist Where is it???

Now The Second Question if the files exist where are the they,why its not visible or if they exit how one can have the free space that  file has?? Now as Mentioned it take some time to delete the data from pc, when we delete any file only the location get free that is the data exist but the pointer to locate the location will deleted.This make free space similar to the file and we assume that file is deleted.

If The File Exist ,How One Can Place data On That Location??

On The Place Of removed Data when we place/copy new data its just over-write on the previous data.Thus There Is still Possibility To Obtain Such Files.Moreover If The Files Are not Completely Deleted than There Is Risk of getting your personal data expose.So Another Question How to delete any data Permanently.

Delete Data Permanently…

To Delete Your Data permanently one should Know about disk defragment.

It is a small Utility Provided By Microsoft to keep drive clean and secure from garbage data.The function of this utility is to wipe the free space or clean the residual data and arrange all the pointer location to locate files on disk.Now When someone delete the data the space become free but the data exist without pointer,thus to remove it just defrage the disk to remove the pointer as well as data completely from disk.Thus It become very difficult to obtain the data.Therefore it recommanded to defrag the disk 2-3 times a week to prevent corruption of data dur to store cache and increase the life and performance of ur Hard Disk

But All is really Happen??Any Proof…

To Test This Theory we conduct small test


A floppy Disk (Formtted) And A Hex Editior


  1. Open Your Drive And Make a normal text File,Name It As Test.txt
  2. Now Open HEx Editior And Open The Drive Where The File is Placed.
  3. One Can Find The File Name And The Location in Sector 19 (Sector 19 is where the directory listing is on a floppy disk; it goes up to sector 32). The name of your file should be right there, written both in HEX and alphanumerical values.Regain formatted data6
  4. Now Delete The File
  5. open The Hex Editor you will Found that the data is still there but the location is changed by unusual character as shown in imageRegain formatted data7
  6. now just replace the Location And Save It
  7. Open Ur Folder And U Will Find your file Back.

Here We Are Using Floppy Because it is quite easy to regain the data and it will help in better understanding.To Know The Process to regain the data in NTFS Disk Visit: NTFS.com


There Are Many Software Now Available to get the Data back ,one of the Best and recommended is

The Power Data Recovery


Regain formatted data2

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Regain formatted data5Regain formatted data1Regain formatted data3
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Regain formatted data4
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