Time For Playing With Google

Play with google1
Everytime Not Getting Bored From Google Search ????Now Time For Some Play

Play with google1

Type Following Command  in Google Search Bar And Click I’m feeling Lucky

Change Colour Of your Normal Google

Just Type Google “colour” i.e. Google Orange
See The Change

Type Google Gravity
Google Will Have a Great Fall

Type Do a Barrel Roll
Your current screen will rotate

Type Zerge Rush
Google Text Will Fall

Type google pacman game and then click the first link you will enjoy
Play pack Man

Type Goole Epic
Your Screen will Become Larger

Type Google weeni google
Your Screen Become Smaller And Smaller

Type  Gothic Google
Get New Burning Google

Type Google Sphere
Google Will Rotate Like Earth

Type Google loco
Get A dancing Google

Type Annoying Google
See what You Type

Type Rainbow Google
Enjoy colourful Google

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