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Remote computing is useful for transferring data over remote distance using internet.But this function have limitation that it is only beneficial for transferring data nothing else.The term remote computing refer to the compute(control) any one pc completely over long Distance. But Default Remote Access just gave the Data Transfer facility we cant access the programme /software in remote computer.For example if one have some kind of trouble with any sort of software than using default remote assistance we can only take the data to over pc and check it out ,instead of checking in client.Thus it is limitation of remote computing.

To overcome Such problem there are many software has been Developed that have capability to work on live screen of client computer.Using Such Software the pc can be fully operated from other side i.e. at the Remote side.Moreover to check/solve error  here there is no need of copying data.One can easily connect and have a look of live programme behaviour using such software

Among all the best And Most Recommended software is Team Viewer.This Software is Based  on remote computing but with extra feature that includes live monitoring, chatting, VoIP/Video call, Presentation etc. The software make the remote computing easy and secure.Here similar to default Remote assistance there require system login id and pass code.This Id and pass code generate by the Programme it self which changes with every time change in connection.One can Use Static password/id but alternative id are more secure.Now the Most Important part its completely free and there is no limitation of any type in any feature provided by it.There are also Business Edition provided for use on commercial Bases.
Now Similar to other Software It has one click installer available,But it also can be used as portable.After installing the software just provide a connection to it, then it will automatic generate the unique id and password this help to prevent from unauthorized access. To connect with someone, one have to just gave id and password to other user.When Any one tries to connect through the given id and password it will ask for the authentication from the user,this make it more secure.The Simple step By step procedure With its feature is shown Below. 
Team Viewer is One Of The Best Remote Computing Software
TeamViewer Icon      Using Team Viewer
-Remote Computing
-Video Conferencing
-Video Chat
-VOIP Calls
-And Live Presentation Can Be Given
Its Freeware For Personal Use(Non Commercial)
Android Application is Also Available
Supports (Window,Linux,Mac)Requirement
-Both Computer Should Have Team Viewer Install
– Working Internet ConnectionTo  Make Remote Connect Using Team ViewerStep.1
Download Team Viewer

Install And Open Team Viewer

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Now Enter Your Friends User ID After Connecting It Will Ask For Password
Ask Your Friends User Name And Password.
(Its Given by Default By Application (Or Set It) ,Which Require For Secure Connection

Teamviewer remote computing1

The Screen Below will Appear
During Connection The Wallpaper Changes To Black for Increase connection Speed

Teamviewer remote computing4

You Can Also Start Instant Meeting Or Joint Any Meeting By Typing Meeting ID And Your name

Teamviewer remote computing5

You Can Chat By Video or Message

Teamviewer remote computing7

You Can Give Live Presentation on Screen

Teamviewer remote computing3
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