Silently Install Key-logger / Trojan Without Detected By Anti-Virus

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Today i Am Going To Share A New  Trick Through Which Anyone Can Install  Trojan Or Key-logger to Any PC Without Being Detected by any Anti-Virus.Normally Method  Use to Install A Key Logger or Trojan  is That First of all The Key-Logger / Trojan Is Binded Using Different Binder.But The Problem is that Binded Software Are Eaisly detected By Any Anti Virus.So Again A New Software Know As Crypter Are Use.

The Crypter Are Basically Use To Make Our File Completely FUD (Fully Undetected ).But This crypter Damage / Corrupt Our own File And If The File Get Crypted Sucessfully Then After Few Time The Crypter Can Not Be Use As The Life Span Of Crypter And Binder Depend On Their Popularity.

The Binder Or Crypter  Are Completely FUD Until They Are  Unknown ; Once They Become Popular ” Anti -virus Are Updated To Bring Them Down”.So When Ever Some One Tries To Attach files Using Crypter Or Binder They Always Need To Be Remain Updated And Require Constant Changing Of Software.So This Method Is Quiet Annoying.So Now What Can We Do…..??

What if A Programme Contain Key Logger With Data Its Own Data???
i.e. If  With Programme Data, Key Logger Data Is Attached And Complete New Installer Is Made Then….
Yes It Worked So Let Start…..

Now To Make Such Installer We Need Two Software

(1) A Keylogger 

Here We Are Using Max Keylogger

Just A Small Review Of it

Covert operation of Maxkeylogger :the one monitored cannot detect it. method of startup with hot keys Ctrl + Alt + U (hot keys can be defined by yourself) allows you monitor the computer you want to monitor comprehensively without a trace.

operation of computer: monitor keyboard input, on screen display, windows opened and idle time of computer; strong control function: prohibited from opening the window and software specified by you.

Pure software architecture: no requirement or influence on computer and network.

User privacy protection: we keep all customers buying our products strictly confidential.

Carefree after-sale service: we have professional technicians who can provide professional, comprehensive and considerate after-sale service for customers.

Version feature: monitor native operation.

Range of application: monitor and manage computer usage behavior.

Network requirement: realize native monitoring without network transmission. You can check monitoring records on native computer or send the monitoring information to your specified email and check them on other computers.

(2)And  An Installer Maker + (Serial)

Any Installer Can Be Use, Installer Here can be define as software through we are going to bind our all files and make a completely new program installer which possess an ordinary programme and our keylogger

Here We Are Using Smart Install Maker

It is  much smoother and faster way to create setup files for easy installation of applications. As a developer, you will no longer be bogged down learning complex installation programs or yet another awkward scripting language. This guarantees hassle-free programming, quicker market delivery and ultimately a faster turnaround with more satisfied users. Smart Install Maker enables the creation of a professional-looking, custom-made setup file in just a few mouse clicks. The simplicity of Smart Install Maker means

Create smaller setup files with built-in Ñab compression. Smaller size distributives are quicker to download and give users a better installation experience.
Control installation and uninstallation – decide the method, time and contents of installation, modification or removal (including registry, .ini and config files).

Check system requirements automatically. If the current system does not comply with the minimum requirements, the installer can notify the user of the problem or automatically abort installation.

Customize the installation environment and appearance of wizard screens (eg add gradients or images to the window background, add header image, logo image, etc).

Customize screens for display during installation (eg license agreements, readme files, etc).
Use the OS native language: automatically identify the language of the target operating system and adjust the screen and message language settings accordingly.

Execute custom commands, operate with installer variables, verify passwords, customize uninstall, manage uninstall feedback.

Ensure a clean uninstall with no leftovers or orphan files, folders, services or registry records.

Create silent installations that do not display installation dialogs and messages.

Cut development time. Avoid learning new languages or complex software – get hold of the intuitive GUI and enjoy the speedy setup creation process.

So First Of All We Need To Install Key Logger To Ower On Pc And Configure It

So Lets Start
1.Installing A Key Logger


2.Setting The Email To Receive Captured Data

3.Its Done

Once key Logger Configuration Has Been Done Its Time To Attach It With Any Programme
1.Open Installer Maker And Assign Name And Final Output Location Of Installer

2.Now Add Data to Installer Of


3.Now Set Your Installer Requirement That A Computer Should Have[Option Step]
4.Write The Dialogue That U Want To Display During Installation [Option Step]
5.Now MakinG Installer Look Like Professional
By Changing Background Colour And Selection Unique Icon And Installation Image

6.Setting Up The ShortCuts
It Is Quiet Important Step Here The Key logger Executing is Kept In Startup

And The Shortcut Of Program is Kept On Desktop

7.Now Build The Installer.

8.Yeh!!! Its Done Your Own Undetectable Key logger Setup

Need Live Demo????


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