RAM BOOSTING Make One Click Ram Button

make one click ram button2

Many Time Our Computer Need More Ram

For That We Need Manually Clean Our Process
make one click ram button2

But Now ONE CLICK BUTTON Will Help You To Clean Your Ram

Only Few Step To Follow

Step 1
Right Click On Desktop And Select New Text File

make one click ram button1

Now Type Following Command

make one click ram button5
For More Free Space You Can Also Try  FreeMam=Space(1280000000)

Now Save It By Any Name,But Write .vbs In Suffix

make one click ram button3

Step 4
Now Check You Desktop There Will your One Click .vbs File

make one click ram button6

Step 5
To See The Change Open Task Manager And The Click Your .vbs File
You Will See The Difference

Process Appear When Clicking On .vbs File
Before Cleaning
make one click ram button7
  After Cleaning

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