Increase Your Ram Performance

Increase Your Ram Performance
By Default In Any System The RAM Performance is Depend in Two Main Things
(1)Your System Appearance (Visual Effects)
(2)Your System Performance (Working)
Increase Your Ram Performance
So There Are Two Ways Two Increase Your Ram
-By Decreasing Unwanted Appearance
-By Changing Your Performance SettingSteps To Change Your Visual Setting

1-Click On My Computer >> Properties

Increase ram performance13

2-Now Select Advance Setting

Increase ram performance07

3-Under Advance Tab Select Performance Setting

4-Now Click On Adjust For Best Performance

5-Now Some small Change on System Visual Can Be Seen

    Such As

Steps To Change Your System Performance

1-Click on My Computer >> Properties >> Under Advance Tab Select Setting

Increase ram performance12Increase ram performance07
Increase ram performance06

2-In Pop Up Box Again Select Advance Tab

3-Now In Advance Tab Click On Programme  And Select Change In Virtual memory

Increase ram performance01

4-Unclick On Automatically Adjust

5-Select Custom Tab And Adjust Paging File According To Your Hard Disk Space

6-Your Maximum And Minimum paging File Limit is Given Below

Increase ram performance08

7-Set As Per Your Need And Restart Your Computer

you can Now Play Heavy Games on Your Pc(How??)

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