As We Know Using Any  network i.e. Wire/Wireless One can Share or receive data than what the purpose of this homegroup. So Let First Concentrate on Word HomeGroup This clearly state that , it is a group of network that we have connected so  they does not need authorization to connect in network,While other computer need the Authorization to connect with the computer on Network.
So Here we are not bother about security?? Is it So.
In Homegroup  When Someone want to join ,then he should provide the password that is given by the homegroupp creator.Here insted of user login and password the genrated password is used.Now This Make similarity between Normal Authorization and Homegroup Authorization that Both require password or security key to join the computer.So what actually is the difference.
The Difference is that ,one can define the data that the homegroup creator want to share.Here the Admin have the access to prevent particular data from sharing.Let For Example if i want to share movies but not songs so i can differentiate the  data ,which is to be shared and which i dont want to share.Moreover After Joining once,it does not require the password or id again.Now Considering the Local Sharing,here when we are providing permission to get edit/copy or delete the data ,which cant be differentiate.There is same rule for all the data.Thus Homegroup add functionality to limit the data sharing according to the user.One Of Most Amazing Function that homegroup add is the live streaming.It is possible to stream media over homegroup ,this make one more major difference between homegroup and local network.
To create homegroup open Control Panel and select homegroup.Now It will ask to change network type/location to private .This indicate the privacy control of homegroup.Due to private mode only people connected to homegroup can have access to the computer present in network.Now if The network is in private mode it will ask you to create a new homegroup.After clicking on next it will ask you to change the data, which one need to share.This can be Changed later if require.Now some process will be in action ,showing the a bar in motion.Then a pass-code will be appear ,it is the key that require by other user to join.Now To join Homegroup Just visit the homegroup in control panel ,it will show the Homegroup that is created.To join click on it and enter the generated key.After that it will ask to clarify data which user want to share.thus using homegroup two network can share desirable data.Each step is explained with proper image is shown below.
  Concerned about privacy?
 -That’s why HomeGroup is password-protected and puts  you in total control.
 -You decide what gets shared—and what stays private.
 -You can also make your files “read only,” so other people can look at—but not touch—your stuff.

Steps to make Your Own HomeGroup

step 1

 Connect Your Computer Through A Network by
Step 2
Open Control Pannel >> Homegroup
Step 3
Select Create Homegroup
Step 4
Click On Next To Continue
Step 5
Now Select Shared In Document To share Your Data
Step 6
Now Click Next To continue And Click To Finish
Your Default Password Will Be Displayed
Step 7
Wait Untill Your Home group Creation Being Procced
You Can View Or Change Password
Step 8
You Can Find Your Connection On My Computer
Step 9
To Connect Any One To Your Homegroup Under Your Network and Select Your Homegroup And Enter Password

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