Forget WindowS Log In Password?????

Forget window login Password5
The Best Ever Solution For Resetting Window Password
No Need To Learn Any Typical CodingTo Unlock Your Window Lock ScreenStep 1
Download The zip File Below (Only 4.08mb)

Step 2
Extract And Burn ISO In Pen Drive
Software Needed Or Don’t Know How To Make Bootable PenDrive???

Step 3
Now Shutdown Your Pc “Properly” Twice For Exact Shutdown
If Shutdown Of All Process Not Occur The Many Unexpected Error Will Occour

Step 4
Now Enter Your Pendrive  And Turn On Your Pc

Step 5
Your Pendrive Will Boot And Following Screen Will Appear Now Select Your Hard Disk

Forget window login Password1
step  6
Now IT Will Ask For Your Registry Directory Path
No Need To Change Your Registry Directory Path ,Just Press Enter It is Set Correctly
Step 7
Select Option 1 i.e.Password Reset, It Will Ask For Editing Your Password
Step 8
Now Choose The User For Which You Have To Reset The Password and Function Which You Want To Perform
Forget window login Password5
Forget window login Password6
 Hurray Its Done
Forget window login Password7

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