Dont Have Wifi /Lan??? Try BLUETOOTH

Dont have wifi1

Is Your Computer is Tooo Old
Dont Have Wireless Connectivity (Wi-fi Card / Lan Cable)???

Bluetooth dongle is simply defined as an accessory to the computer. By using a Bluetooth dongle a computer can be wirelessly linked to other devices. By using these dongles one can easily connect a computer with any other computer, printer, digital cameras or cellular devices. Actually Bluetooth dongle possesses a small microchip, which makes it capable of connecting and exchanging the data with all other devices which contain such microchips and with all other dongle devices. USB ports are used to connect a Bluetooth dongle with the computer. Just like other USB attachments these dongles also get powered from computers itself. Once we disconnect a Bluetooth dongle it gets deactivated on its own.

Dont have wifi1
Applications of the Bluetooth device

1. Wireless communication between hands-free headset and a mobile phone.
2. Wireless networking of the computers at a confined space.
3. File and transfer
4. PS 2 and Nintendo’s Wii, gaming systems use Bluetooth for wireless controllers.
5. Bluetooth dongles can be used to access dial-up internet on computers.
6. Advertisement concepts and flash objects can be easily sent from one device to another confidentially.
7. Replacement of infrared in traditional controlling units.
8. Calendar notes, contact details, list of appointments, reminders etc can be easily shared between devices.
9. Fantastic medium of communication between PC output and input devices.

Description of Enter USB To Bluetooth Dongle (0-10Mts. ) Vista Compitible

The new USB Bluetooth Dongle is small and smart enough to give you maximum convenience while accessing internet. This dongle has been designed to support networking, Dial-Up, Fax, LAN Access, as well as headset. Providing a data transmission rate of 3Mb/s, this USB 2.0 & 1.1 interface Bluetooth Dongle is compatible with almost all operating systems including Windows 98, 98se, Me, 2000, XP, Vista, and Windows 7 32 bit. In addition to superb connectivity with Bluetooth devices such as mobile phone, PDA or PC, this device also has the capacity to send and receive data within a range of zero to 100 meters. If this much smartness is not enough for you, then the voice data and multi-language support function will definitely impress you.


Another Alternative to Wireless Connectivity

Usb Wifi

Its Have Same Function as Bluetooth Dongle,But Have Quite Better Advantage Over it.The Foremost Advantsge is Speed.As It Use Wifi Technology the speed of data/file Transferring goes in Mb/s ,while the Bluetooth  speed was limited under Some kb/s.The Range Or The Connectivity Area Is Very Large So that one can use at quiter large distance.In Bluetooth Dongle one can use the internet connectivity from device to pc only.But in Usb WiFi ,It can turn in portable hotspot by few codes or pre-provided software.Thus It can Use to Share as Well As Receive Internet connection .Moreover the inbuilt WiFi Device have Limitation such that they cant send data packet that are use in penetrating testing,this can be overcome by using this Hardware.


Recommended Usb Wifi
tenda Wifi
 The Tenda W311M wireless adapter is a sleek and compact WiFi adapter that lets you connect your desktop or laptop to a wireless network. This pocket USB adapter lets you easily connect your desktop or notebook to a wireless network through a USB port. Sleek and lightweight, it conveniently fits in a crowded workspace. Compatible with WPA/WPA2 security modes, this wireless USB adapter ensures that you transfer files and data over a secured connection. It quickly establishes a secure connection to a wireless router or AP (access point) without any need of complex encryption codes.
Key Feature:
  • Frequency: 20 to 40 MHz
  • Support 150Mbps transmission rates
  • Compatible with 802.11b/g/n wireless standards
  • Supports WPA/WPA2 advanced security modes
  • Ultra compact and lightweight design
  • Supports PSP, WII and NDS connections for online gaming

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