Can’t boot in Recovery, Use Fastboot….

Fastboot Yureka

The Most Common issue arise when someone trying to flash new firmware ,that device cant boot in recovery.
There are alternative solution  i.e. use adb, quick rebooter app etc.
But What if Device is Completely Brick and have no access to adb or recovery???
The Solution is fastboot…

In general Fastboot can be define as set of rule pre-define in android system that help to flash partition in system.
It has capability to flash complete new rom/firmware or recovery(custom or stock) in any system.

ALterNative Method To recover


The simplest method or can be said as general method for getting in fastboot is via pressing “vol-” key  and power button.

In Earlier device such as Android 2.3 build there is no especial indicator of reaching in fastboot, the android boot logo get stuck or complete black screen appear.But most of device after Android v4 have written indicator in there screen when reach as fastboot device.

Fastboot in Micromax A57 (2.3)
Fastboot htc
Fastboot In HTC Device
Fastboot Yureka
Fastboot in Yureka (5.0)
  • Now to detect such device one have to connect  device to pc via usb and open  device manager.
  • There one should  get some unknown device symbol or fastboot written with yellow triangle exclamatory mark.

unknown device

In Samsung android V0l- and Power ket take to the Download mode to flash via odin.

While in Yureka/Yureka+ the device key is inverted i.e. Vol+ and Power Key , which is generally utilize to boot in recovery after the boot loader is unlocked

So it recommanded to just take a search on google for fastboot state of any device i.e. how to get in fastboot or how to know the device is in fastboot or not.


The Pre-requirement to interface with fastboot in any device is only that u have Android Sdk installed and a USB cable.

And Make sure bootloader is unlocked.

  • Procedure

1.Open Device manager of ur pc and kept it aside to check what is going on.

2.Now Press Vol- and Connect ur device with pc ,then u will get something new in device manager as shown below

fastboot Device manager

3.Now click on it and click on update driver.

fastboot driver install (2)

fastboot driver install (1)

4.Locate ur Android Driver and install it.

fastboot driver install (4)fastboot driver install (5)fastboot driver install (6)


5.Now open Cmd screen in platform tool where adb.exe is placed.

6.Type there fastboot device, there the device will shown.

7.Place the recovery.img in same folder(i.e. in platform tool)

8.Type “fastboot flash recovery recovery.img”.

fastboot process

On the code fastboot flash recovery will be constant but the recovery.img can be changed.

9.Now to flash complete firmaware just place it on same folder and type “fastboot flash zip”.

similarly as above the code fastboot flash zip is constant , just need to change


NOte: Its seem in Android V5 and above the code fastboot does not implemet directly instead that there is suffix added with it i.e.  -i ox1ebf .Thus the final code is “fastboot -i ox1ebf flash recovery”.The above code was utilize in yureka to interface with fastboot device ,where ox1ebf looks like defining memory or system address and -i is an argument.

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6 thoughts on “Can’t boot in Recovery, Use Fastboot….

  1. please tell how to locate android driver i had got up to 4th step but i cant find the drivers for xperia zr where can i download them

    1. make sure u have allow authentication in ur device for adb and the screen should be on, sometimes off screen is refer as offline device…best of luck

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