Binder : Attach Any File With Exe/Mp3/Jpg And Other,,,,

As Name Suggest Binder Are One Type of Software Which are Use to Bind(Attach) Two Or More Files and Get Require Output File. Nowadays Binder Are Mostly Use To Attach Virus,Trojan Or Any Infected Bat file Or Vbs Script to any Other File , So That Whenever Such Infected File are Used By Anyone The Attached Virus hack into the computer.The Binding files can Be easily done By Using Available binding Tool.Moreover These Binding Software is also a hidden Windows Function i.e. From Window XP To Window 8 Have Provided In Build Binding Function.

Now Without Using Any External Software Binding Files is possible With “IEXPRESS” .IExpress
is Window Hidden Service Which Is Use To Bind Different Type Of Program.Now To Use IExpress Just Open Run(Win Key + R) And Type there iexpress.This Tool Is Commonly Use to Bind To Exe File And Make Both Execute At Single Click so One Known That Is Forward Program + One Backward Program(Hidden) can Be Installed From One Click.

Have Look On IExpress


IExpress is a technology designed to simplify creation of a setup program. Using the step-by-step IExpress Wizard, you can create self-extracting files that automatically run the setup program contained inside. The setup program can be an .inf file or an executable program. IExpress technology automatically removes the setup files after installation, saving the user time and frustration




Some External Binder


mFileBinder is an advanced file binder which binds multiple file of any type and merges into a single executable file.
mFileBinder uses rijndael encryption algorithm to encrypt the file which can make Virus / Trojans Fully Undetectable.
Set the drop location of all files and set the execution mode(Background,Foreground) of each file.
Predefined set of ICON Package is included set your desired icon.
Silently extracts and sequentially execute files


Shockwave’s File Binder is a free UD binder. It’s use to bind two files into one file. It’s very useful binder to hide viruses,Rats, or keyloggers behind any files but UD not FUD. It’s great binder to bind or hide files

Using Command Prompt ,One Can Easily Bind Files.But It Just Bind Them , But Not Both Executed on Same Time.So It Can Use To Hide File Behind Other File So Have Example
Just Type copy /B  File1.*.*  +File2.*.*  Output.*.*
                Now Replace File 1 And 2 With Name Of File U Need To Bind
                         Replace *.* With Extension Of File
                         Replace Output With Desire Output Name With Extension In Which U Require The File
For Eg Here We Are Combining Image.png To Rar.rar And Output as Combine.jpg
Two File Image.png  and Rar.rar Placed in folder

Open Cmd By Pressing Shift Key+Right Click And Select Open Command Window Here
Now Type copy /B image.png + rar.rar Combine.jpg

Output Combine.jpg Obtained

Now Right Click On Combine.jpg And Open With Winrar

Ur Rar Data Can Be Seen
By Using Binding Technique one can easily hide our personal data to prevent from unauthorised access.Moreover this techinque is use for stealling data by attaching keylogger to get personal data and password.Thus To Prevent From Such Files is to use good Antivirus and Keep Ur Malware definition up to date.One can easily point out such files by their size as the size increase due to addition , use Zip/rar Achiever to open such file to  get the hidden data

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